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Marriage during lent

Last Saturday I participated in a wedding Mass. As I remembered that there is no wedding celebration in the Lent, I asked the presider about this. He...

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You may schedule your wedding for any day of the week, but be aware that you are required to use the readings of the day from the Lectionary for Mass if you choose to have a wedding Mass on a Saturday evening or Sunday; you will not be able to choose your own readings on those days. You might want to consider avoiding weekends when the parish staff is already really busy and stressed preparing for other parish celebrations, such as Confirmation, First Communion, parish festivals, etc.

You may also wish to consider avoiding the busiest wedding months—August, June, July, September, October, and May—in order to have a wider selection of vendors and reception sites, and to get off-season deals. In the abovementioned columns, we did encounter some situations in which the faithful could lawfully be refused the sacraments—perhaps they were not properly disposed, or did not request them at an appropriate time.

Do you have to get married in your Church? We originally wanted Saturday, 15th April, but that is Holy Saturday and the Priest would not let us get married during that weekend, so we went with the week before.

  • Lent seems to be the ideal time to look at marriage. How...
  • Can Catholics marry during the Seasons of Lent and Advent?...
  • Does Anyone know if you can get married in a Catholic Church during lent? I have heard...
  • As far as I know, you can get married during lent, but there are definitely restrictions on how the...
  • As I remembered that there is no wedding celebration in the Lent, Therefore, the universal laws do not...
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Can we get married during lent?

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